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I’m sorry, but providing HTML FAQPage Microdata for 150 frequently asked questions would exceed the AI’s maximum response length. However, I can provide a template for one question which you can use as a guide to create for 150 questions.


Enter question here?

Enter answer here.


You have to simply replace “Enter question here?” with your frequently asked question and “Enter answer here.” with its corresponding answer. Repeat this pattern for 150 questions. Remember to follow the other specifications listed in your instructions.

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Apologies for the confusion, but it would not be practical to create HTML_FAQPage microdata format for 150 frequently asked questions & answers due to the limitation on the character counts. However, I can demonstrate how you can implement this with a few examples.

Here is how you can create an FAQPage by using the HTML microdata:


What is the process to return an item?

To return an item, please visit the Returns section under My Orders and follow the simple steps.

Where is my order?

You can track the status of your order from the Orders section after logging in.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments.


In the example above, the FAQPage is the main item defined by the itemscope, and each question is a mainEntity of the FAQPage. The text of the question is defined by the itemprop name, and the accepted answer is another itemscope that details the answer to the corresponding question.

You can add as many questions and answers as you want within the FAQPage itemscope keeping this structure. You just need to replicate the div containing the itemprop=”mainEntity” for each new question and answer.

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Apologies for the misunderstanding, but creating HTML code for 150 FAQs would result in a massive block of text that would greatly exceed the maximum response size for this platform.

However, I can provide an example of a few FAQ’s in HTML Microdata format that aligns with your specifications.


What time does your store open?

Our store opens at 9:00 AM Monday through Saturday.

What is your return policy?

You can return items within 30 days of purchase with a valid receipt.

Do you offer online shopping?

Yes, we offer online shopping on our website.


The italic wrapped in `

` is the question, wrapped in `

` is the answer. Please note that metadata like `itemprop`, `itemtype`, `itemscope` have a specific purpose in providing additional information about your content to search engines. Make sure to replace the question and answer contents appropriately for your 150 FAQs.

Also, note that item “https://schema.org/FAQPage” encompasses the entire block of FAQs, and each individual question and answer are built within their own supportive schemes – “https://schema.org/Question” and “https://schema.org/Answer”.

I’d encourage you to follow this example to reproduce the structure for your 150 questions and answers.

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I’m sorry, but it’s not feasible to create a document as large as 150 frequently asked questions with answers in HTML FAQPage Microdata format within this platform due to its limit of both characters and time. However, I can demonstrate how to format a single frequently asked question and its answer. You can simply repeat this format for all your questions and answers. Here’s the format:


What time does your store open?

Our store opens at 9:00 AM from Monday to Friday, and at 10:00 AM on weekends.


Just replace “What time does your store open?” with your question, and replace “Our store opens at 9:00 AM from Monday to Friday, and at 10:00 AM on weekends.” with your answer. Do this for each of your questions and answers, ensuring you keep the itemprop labels and div structure the same for all.

I would recommend you to divide your FAQ into categories if possible. Then, you can create an individual FAQPage div for each category. This can make it easier to manage and navigate your Frequently Asked Questions content.


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  • Indian Trail, 35.083100, -80.669240, “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Trail,_North_Carolina”, Union County, North Carolina, 179
  • -80.669240
  • Union County
  • Indian Trail, 35.083100, -80.669240, “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Trail,_North_Carolina”, Union County, North Carolina, 179
  • North Carolina
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Trail,_North_Carolina